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Coach & therapist - Leiden - Liesbeth
Coach & therapist Leiden
Pieterskerkhof 36
2311ST Leiden
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Coach & therapist Leiden

Coaching & Relationship coaching in Leiden

A coach?
There is a difference between a coach and a psychologist. Different training and backgrounds. Not necessarily better or less good, especially the approach and the person determine whether you can feel seen, heard and helped. 
Because of my broad background I can work in a versatile way and therefore I can tune in to who you are, where you are (in your development, situation and process) and what you need. This differs per moment because you are not every day the same in your skin. I tune in maximally to you and/or you. Every time again. 
That can look different every time. 

Sometimes it seems to be about relationships, stress, career, dealing with yourself or the other, goodbye and loss, choices.... Very often it turns out to be about communication, insight into yourself and the other and the resistance or fear of losing by doing things differently than what you are used to. 

Often we talk, or we do an exercise, or a role play or.....  I am gentle when you need it and confrontational when you can handle it and it is effective. 

Feel free to stop by and get acquainted. You are most welcome. 
Relationship Coaching Leiden
You can come to my practice for many types of coaching. Alone or together.

Personal, professional and experienced. As a certified coach, I like to work in a truly customized way. Everyone is different and requires a different approach. 

The dynamic between two people is different for each couple and requires an approach where both feel seen and heard. And giving you those exercises, tools, insights and space with which you will really experience the difference. You and yours are most welcome.
Coaching for both of you
Whether you are having a difficult time with your partner, your colleague, your family member or your neighbor, improvement is often more possible when an outsider is present. 

At my practice, you are each welcome separately, as well as together. We discuss and work in different ways on your "problem points" and get closer to the core through exercises and talking. Why is it so difficult between you? Or just now? Or for so long?
We practice different ways of communicating. How do you become less affected by what the other does and says? How do you make the other person less affected by what you say or do? 
How do you actually think about certain things. How do you get on the same page when necessary? How do you stay involved and close without going under or selling yourself short?

Do you want things to be more relaxed? More pleasant? More effective? Then come along and see what can be done. Often things get harder if you wait longer. And sometimes you miss more than you care to.
Or does the damage become greater than necessary because you shy away, deny or procrastinate. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss options. Sessions for 2 people last 1.5 hours and will always be charged, so there is no intake. However, you can of course ask your questions first and decide if you want to book one or more sessions. Usually we agree on 4 sessions for a couple and if desired this will be used a 2nd time.

You are most welcome! 

Should you be of the opinion that your relationship is not (anymore) salvageable, I can also help you to make life after divorce as good as possible.

It is often difficult to discuss things together when you get divorced. The situation and atmosphere in which both parties find themselves can be very different. One full of grief and the other on a pink cloud, or both full of sadness, frustration, anger or any other emotion that may come along.
Many professionals may already be involved in your process. 

Still, it is important to pay attention to things that may not seem to be an issue right now. Or that are even now but that you don't really get around to. 
You may be saving and surviving, processing, planning or still puzzled... Chances are that all kinds of emotions are alternating. 

All sorts of things can happen and become clear or change in and around the process of separation. All partners involved (and possibly children) can experience this very differently. Sometimes parents and parents-in-law also play a role.
Discussing now is relaxing later
During sessions around this topic we pay attention to those things that sometimes are not yet discussed now. Or maybe they are.

This can be about practical matters, but much more often the way of listening to each other and discovering and facing the differences is central.

How choices will be made in the future and when to do that together and when to do that separately.

And how you approach that together (and/or with your child(ren)) so that it is as relaxed as possible. 

To avoid ending up in a 'fight' divorce, it is important that communication and the way you communicate is as optimal as possible for the things that matter to both of you. And that things are discussed that would otherwise be avoided in the future, or that you would constantly be at each other's throats. 
We pay attention to those things that need to be attuned but which, given the current situation and/or your differences, you may find difficult. As a result, you may be harming yourselves, each other, or your child(ren) more than necessary. 
It is sometimes quite complicated after divorce
Prevention is better than cure and sometimes cure is so hard......
It can be quite difficult when there are always circumstances and occasions that remain with relationships that last a lifetime. Because there are lasting connecting factors; Your child remains your child. 
But you too live on so there will be new people in the future. They too must again find, get and take their role in the totality of everything. 

Preventing divorce is not always possible or not always desirable. Preventing perpetual tension and struggle often is. 
Make a start with this process and book a number of sessions for 2 persons or for your family. Feel free to discuss the possibilities.

This coaching program focuses on communication and alignment. It is partly about practice and a somewhat practical approach. But of course much of what comes along is sensitive. There is attention for that. For each individual. 

Without space for each person's emotions, there can be no clear thinking, choices and consultation. 

Without room for mutual differences in wishes, experiences, vision and priorities, there can be no alignment.

If, after a session together, you need more attention for you alone, that is of course possible. What a person shares in a one-on-one session will never be shared in a session with the (ex-)partner and/or participating children.

Even if the divorce is already (some time) behind us and the communication and coordination between them is not going according to plan, you can still get this help. 
Online therapy
If you are further away than is easy to travel, if you have difficulty moving, then online coaching is convenient, possible and effective. Although it is different from live and the options are somewhat different, I have had good experiences with it. The development of online coaching has been boosted by the Corona period and as a result has gained momentum and has challenged and amazed many a client and therapist/coach in possibilities and effectiveness. 

We also often employ the alternation between live and online when it fits better into the schedule.

When coaching 2 people at the same time, I only work live in practice.

Online therapy

Online coaching or therapy is only available for individuals.
Opleidingen en registraties

Qualifications and registrations

Education & registration

  • Gecertificeerd coach (opleiding afgerond in 2014) (Jungiaans)
  • EMDR
  • ACT (Acceptence and commitment Therapy)
  • Systemisch coachen (en familie opstellingen)
  • DiSC en Drijfveren gecertificeerd
  • Angst, Stress, & persoonlijkheidsstoornissen
  • Positive Intelligence / PQ coach
  • Schrijver, bedenker en trainer (training en methode erkend door NOBCO, STIR,LVSC, NOLOC en SKJ





Working on the basics of self-confidence, communication and being yourself in a relaxed way when you are alone and with others, is for me the springboard to changed behavior, insight or experience in the here and now of the daily practice in which you live.
Awareness of your thoughts and behavior, realizing that you have choices and what keeps you from feeling that choice and daring to make that choice that does justice to your desires.

Communication that does justice to yourself and the other, with mildness towards yourself and the other, without judgment, and which is heard as it is meant to be heard. That is what I work on with you.

What is very helpful is the talent to be aware of the internal communication that takes place within you and to interrupt negative thoughts or fears that limit you from being who you want to be.
We do that in part by using the Positive Intelligence methodology.
The Bepper Balance Method helps to quickly gain insight and to let you discover what is going on and where there are possibilities to initiate change.

On average, clients spend 8 sessions with me, but it also happens that someone stays shorter or longer, depending on the wishes and possibilities.


Most common issues I support people with:

The most commonly treated complaints in my practice:
Not always right at the forefront but often secondarily (or as underlying challenges) is:
- dealing with what is there (and seeing where the possibilities are to make changes)
- becoming aware of your own IC with respect to choices to be made regarding study, career, relationship
- improving communication, interaction with yourself and others
- increase of certainty / I-strength / self-confidence
- from not feeling good to feeling good!
- sparring partner and mirror during Check-up-sessions after a preceding more intensive course.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 09:00-17:30
Tuesday 09:00-17:30
Wednesday 09:00-17:30
Thursday 09:00-17:30
Friday 09:00-17:30
Saturday -
Sunday -



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